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@Harry_August Follow-up 1 for

If 0.786 holds (see OP), there is a good probability to see around 12533 level

price projections is now blocked.
We have no need for trash and mentally ill fanatics on this server.

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@doctoro is a very special kind of #pervert who blocks you the moment you point out what he really is

Pay attention, when you read this

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I don't get it :)
I think I have see 7 people online once.
Where are the rest? 1.6K is not a small group.

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Working on the “feed jumping all over the place” issue right now. Hang tight!

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"Over the last 5 months, has rolled out a host of features including a sleek new token swap user interface, price alerts, prediction games, mobile iOS app ( coming soon), and allowing users to easily track their favourite tokens in a watchlist."

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Are we going to see instances in the Fediverse block all of Gab because 4-5 people say some meanie words they don't like?


In their minds stopping the 4-5 people saying the meanie words is more important than having content from their server reach 1m+ more people in the Fediverse on Gab lol.

Or hey maybe they could just......use the block button on those individuals? A radical idea!

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Top priorities right now:

-stop the feed from jumping all over the place when new posts are loading.
-stop the feed from jumping back up to the top after replying to a post down the feed. It should hold your place.
-make the feed auto-load new content while scrolling instead of having to click load more
-add the Public (local) timeline for content discovery

Working on this week:
-quote posting

Morgan Creek co-founder Anthony 'Pomp' holds half his wealth in bitcoin.
Predicts rising demand for in a fixed supply market will lead to $100,000 by 2021.

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